Create your bird’s very own kitchen with our pantry drawers forager. A simple yet effective toy for small birds with drawers to open where you can hide treats and crinkle paper.

Size approx 7cm x 6,5cm x 7cm

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Long Description 

  1. Purpose: A pantry drawer small bird forager is designed to stimulate your small bird’s natural foraging instincts, providing mental and physical enrichment.
  2. Materials Needed:
    • Small, shallow drawer (wood or plastic)
    • Non-toxic paint or sealant (if using wood)
    • Foraging materials (paper, shredded cardboard, untreated wood chips)
    • Small bird-safe toys (bells, beads, wooden blocks)
    • Treats (small seeds, dried fruits, nuts)
  3. Drawer Preparation:
    • Clean the drawer thoroughly to remove any dust or debris.
    • If using wood, ensure it is untreated and safe for birds.
    • Paint or seal the drawer with non-toxic materials and let it dry completely.
  4. Layering:
    • Start by adding a layer of shredded paper or cardboard at the bottom for nesting material.
  5. Foraging Layers:
    • Create layers of foraging materials and treats. Alternate between different textures and hiding spots to keep it interesting.
    • Examples include untreated wood chips, crumpled paper balls, or cardboard tubes filled with treats.
  6. Hidden Treats:
    • Conceal treats within the foraging layers to encourage your bird to explore and search for rewards.
    • Place treats inside small paper bags, wrapped in paper, or hidden in cardboard tubes.
  7. Interactive Toys:
    • Integrate small bird-safe toys like bells, beads, or wooden blocks to add variety and entertainment.
    • Hang toys from the sides of the drawer or place them among the foraging materials.
  8. Adjustable Difficulty:
    • Vary the difficulty of the foraging drawer by changing the depth of the materials or how tightly treats are hidden.
    • Start with easier challenges and gradually increase complexity as your bird becomes more adept.
  9. Supervision:
    • Monitor your birds during foraging to ensure they are safe and enjoying the activity.
    • Remove any small or sharp objects that could be harmful.
  10. Cleaning and Refreshing:
    • Regularly clean the foraging drawer, removing any uneaten food or soiled materials.
    • Refresh the contents to keep the activity engaging and appealing to your bird.



  1. Foraging Enrichment:
    • The primary purpose of a pantry drawer small bird forager is to provide mental stimulation and enrichment through foraging. These birds are intelligent creatures that thrive on mental challenges and activities that mimic their natural behaviors in the wild.
    • By placing treats or food items within the forager, the bird is encouraged to explore, manipulate, and work to extract the treats. This engages their problem-solving skills and keeps them mentally active and stimulated.
  2. Slow Feeding and Portion Control:
    • Another important function of a pantry drawer forager is to slow down the feeding process. Small birds, especially those in captivity, can sometimes eat too quickly when presented with an easily accessible food source.
    • By hiding food within the forager, the bird must work to access its meal, which can slow down their consumption. This helps in preventing issues such as overeating, which can lead to obesity and related health problems.
  3. Promoting Natural Behaviors:
    • Foraging for food is a natural behavior for birds. In the wild, they spend a significant amount of time searching for and extracting their meals from various sources.
    • The pantry drawer small bird forager encourages this natural instinct, allowing the bird to engage in behavior that comes instinctively to them. This helps in maintaining their mental and emotional well-being, preventing boredom and associated negative behaviors like feather plucking or excessive vocalization.


Manufacturer Scarletts
Animal/Species Budgie & Lovebird, Cockatiel, Quaker & Parrotlet
Product Type Foraging


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