The box ladder is a fun climbing wooden toy. A box made from ladders! Multiple climbing areas making this great to share!

29 x 20cm

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Long Description

  • Provides Enrichment:Parrots are intelligent creatures that crave mental and physical stimulation. A climbing tower offers a complex environment for them to explore, climb, swing, and forage,

  • Encourages Exercise: Climbing towers promote exercise, which is crucial for a parrot’s physical and mental well-being. Climbing helps strengthen muscles, improve coordination, and prevent boredom-related behaviors like feather picking.

  • Variety of Textures and Materials: A well-designed climbing tower incorporates various textures and materials like wood, rope, sisal, and acrylic to keep things interesting for your feathered friend.

  • Multiple Levels: Having multiple levels with platforms, ladders, and bridges allows parrots to climb at different heights, appealing to their natural instinct to explore different elevations.

  • Safe Chewing Opportunities: Parrots love to chew. A climbing tower can provide them with safe chewing outlets like untreated wood or sisal components, deterring them from chewing on your furniture or other belongings.

  • Hiding Spots: Parrots appreciate having places to retreat and feel secure. A climbing tower can include cozy cubbies or hiding spots where they can relax and observe their surroundings.

  • Easy to Clean: A climbing tower should be easy to disassemble and clean to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of bacteria. Removable trays or wipeable surfaces are a plus.

  • Size Appropriate: The size of the climbing tower should be appropriate for your parrot’s species. A larger bird like a macaw will need a more substantial structure compared to a smaller bird like a budgie.

  • Visually Appealing: Choose a climbing tower that complements your home décor. Look for aesthetically pleasing designs and colors that blend seamlessly with your living space.

  • Durable Construction: Since parrots can be quite strong, especially with their beaks, ensure the climbing tower is made from strong, durable materials that can withstand wear and tear.



  • Companion:Parrots can be wonderful companions, providing entertainment and emotional support to their owners. They are highly intelligent and can learn to mimic human speech, sounds, and even tricks. Their playful personalities and bright colors can bring joy to any home.

  • Working animals:Some parrots, such as African greys and cockatoos, have been trained to perform specific tasks. For example, they have been used to assist people with disabilities, such as retrieving dropped items or opening doors. They have also been used in conservation efforts, such as helping to detect invasive species or track endangered animals.

  • Scientific research:Parrots are intelligent birds that are often used in scientific research. Their ability to mimic human speech and solve problems has made them valuable subjects for studies on animal intelligence, communication, and cognition.


Manufacturer Scarletts
Animal/Species African Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, Galah & Smaller Cockatoo
Product Type Wood/Rope Toy


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