With moving warehouses we have unearthed some hidden treasures! We have a box of all sorts! They are toys we may have once sold, they may be current toys, or even one off little gems. Treat your bird to a little surprise today. Toys are chosen at random and can be any material, any style.

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Long Description 

  1. Purpose: Provides mental stimulation and entertainment for small parrots.
  2. Content: Each pack contains a variety of toys, possibly including current, discontinued, or one-off items.
  3. Size: Specifically tailored for extra small birds.
  4. Price: Affordable at around £3.
  5. Materials: Safe, bird-friendly materials.
  6. Variety: Each mystery toy pack is different, ensuring diverse play experiences.
  7. Durability: Designed to withstand regular use by small birds.
  8. Mental Stimulation: Encourages natural behaviors such as foraging and chewing.
  9. Physical Activity: Promotes exercise through play.
  10. Safety: Non-toxic and safe for birds.
  11. Origins: Toys might come from their regular stock, discontinued lines, or unique finds.
  12. Environmental Enrichment: Aims to enrich the bird’s environment, reducing boredom.
  13. Packaging: Eco-friendly packaging materials.
  14. Customer Feedback: Generally positive reviews highlighting the variety and quality.
  15. Availability: Regularly stocked in the bargain section.
  16. Customization: Each package is unique, so contents vary.
  17. Shipping: Available for shipping internationally.
  18. Vendor Reputation: Scarlett’s Parrot Essentials is a trusted supplier in the UK.
  19. Ease of Use: Easy to introduce to your bird’s cage.


  1. Mental Stimulation:
    • Parrots are highly intelligent birds that require mental stimulation to prevent boredom and behavioral issues. Mystery toys that challenge their problem-solving skills can keep them engaged and mentally sharp.
  2. Physical Exercise:
    • Small toys that encourage movement, such as those that need to be chased or manipulated, can help ensure the parrot gets sufficient physical activity. This is important for maintaining their health and preventing obesity.
  3. Foraging Behavior:
    • Toys that involve finding hidden treats or small items mimic the natural foraging behavior of parrots in the wild. This can provide hours of entertainment and satisfaction, fulfilling their instinctual needs.
  4. Beak Health:
    • Parrots need to chew to keep their beaks healthy and trim. Mystery toys made from various safe materials can offer a suitable outlet for this natural behavior, preventing overgrowth and related health issues.
  5. Social Interaction:
    • Engaging with toys can also provide social enrichment, especially if the parrot interacts with its human caregivers during playtime. This can strengthen the bond between the parrot and its owner, promoting a sense of security and well-being.


Manufacturer Scarletts
Animal/Species Budgie & Lovebird, Cockatiel


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